A Mother’s Love


Agatha Christie wrote that “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”  At Arizona Helping Hands, we meet mom’s every day who amaze us with the depth of their love for children who have been placed in their care.  These amazing women persevere – through the huge challenges of therapy sessions, court proceedings and so much more.  They choose to disrupt “traditional” family to take in and love boys and girls who need them, all while knowing everything can change – the child you love and care for today could be moved away tomorrow.  Who would choose to take on such an enormous task?

Consider Theresa, an adopted mom of 7 who by chance encountered a family group of 6 who were dirty and unsupervised and took them into her heart and home.  Her husband told us, “some people bring home cats and dogs, my wife brings home children.”

Consider Katrina, a mom who fosters medically fragile children.  She has constant trips to the doctors – and way too often the hospital.  To deal with and witness the pain and suffering that her boys and girls go through to survive takes a strength that’s beyond my comprehension.

Consider a nurse in a local NICU who cared for weeks for a newborn who was born addicted and with so many other medical complications – a feeding tube, heart issues and more.  When no one else came forward for this little wonder, this single parent to two boys stepped up to say, “I will love and care for this beautiful baby”. 

And then, consider the grandparents.  Those like Peggy who lives in Fort Apache.  Grandmother to 19, at her age she’s now a 24/7 mom to six!  Parenting is hard to manage at any age, but as one great grandmother who took in 4 of her great granddaughters told us, “my health is not good, my finances are shot, retirement – Hah! What a laugh.  It’s so hard to keep up with these children.  But they are my family, and I sleep at night because I know they are safe and they are loved.”  I think this is what every Mom wants for their children – let them be safe, let them be loved.

Parenting is the most difficult job of all – I saw a quote that read, “I think I’ve got this Mother-thing nailed” which continued to say “Said NO MOTHER EVER!”.  But the rewards are endless.  Mothers are rewarded by knowing they have made this world a better place – they have provided love, safety and opportunity to their children.  Good mothers, like my mom who raised 8 kids, my wife and now my daughters reach beyond themselves and their personal needs and wants to love and nurture their children.

It’s such a blessing to interact daily with foster moms, to see first-hand how these heroines reach out and touch the lives of hurting children.  Their capacity for love is seemingly boundless. It’s so sad to think of children who have been neglected and abused not having the love of a mom.  Where would so many kids be without these mom’s choosing to #StandUp and love them.  It’s our honor to stand beside these mom’s, to lend them a Helping Hand, to let them know that we appreciate them and the heart and soul that they choose to give the children in their care.

We send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all Moms, biological, adoptive and foster.  Our world is a better place because of you!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 

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