Birthday Dreams Request by Caseworker (13-21 yrs)

We are pleased to provide a pre-packaged BIRTHDAY DREAM gift to any foster child with at least two weeks notice, but no more than four weeks before the child’s birthday. We will reply by email when your child’s special gift is ready. Gifts must be picked up at the warehouse during operating hours (Monday-Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm). You will be required to show us your photo ID. Our address is 7850 E. Gelding, Ste 500,  Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Limitation of one package per child per year. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE AVAILABILITY OF ANY SPECIFIC ITEM, BUT WILL DO OUR BEST TO MAKE YOUR CHILD’S DAY SPECIAL!


  • 1. Requests must be filled out entirely. 2. Request must be in English. 3. Your request is not guaranteed. By submitting this request you are agreeing to these terms and agree not to sell, barter or trade any item you receive from AHH.